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Valley First extends a helping hand to Okanagan wildfire victims

A $35,000 donation has been pledged to provide assistance to those impacted by wildfire in B.C.
Valley First announced a combined donation totalling $35,000 to he lp individuals and families impacted by the ongoing wildfire situation in B.C. (File photo)

Kelowna is receiving support as Valley First donates to help wildfire victims and immediate relief efforts.

Valley First, a banking and investment services in Okanagan, steps up on Aug. 21 with a combined donation of $35,000 to provide essential help to individuals and families directly impacted by the wildfire situation in B.C.

The support from Valley First to Kelowna includes:

• $10,000 contribution to Mamas for Mamas’ fire support response program in Kelowna

• $2,500 to Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, a source of supplies for evacuees

• $2,500 donations to the Central Okanagan Food Bank in Kelowna

“My family and I have been forced to evacuate our own home because of the wildfires, so this is very real and emotional for me. It’s incredibly moving to see so many local organizations including my own step up generously to support the relief work in a time of emergency, and I say this with firsthand perspective,” said Valley First’s acting president Simon Mills.

With approximately 250,000 members across B.C., First West invites others to contribute to the cause and join Valley First in offering assistance.

You could donate to any of these organizations:

• Mamas for Mamas’ Fire Support Response Program

• Central Okanagan Foundations’s 2023 Wildfire Response Fund

• Kelowna’s Gospel Mission

• Central Okanagan Food Bank

• Cawston/Keremeos Food Bank- 250-492-4788

• Kamloops Food Bank