Vernon couple put minds over mountains in race

Vernon’s husband and wife duo, Travis and Genevieve Dunbar, is getting ready to take on MOMAR’s 30km Sport Course near Comox Lake...

The Atmosphere Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race (MOMAR) series wraps up in the Comox Lake area Saturday. With the event just around the corner, Vernon’s husband and wife duo, Travis and Genevieve Dunbar, are getting ready to take on MOMAR’s 30km Sport Course.

Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Genevieve had heard of the MOMAR a number of times. “Some of the best radio reception in Sechelt is from the Victoria stations, so I frequently listened to the Zone and heard lots of MOMAR advertising,” recalls Genevieve. “I was not athletic and had never raced so in those years I never thought about doing a MOMAR.”

After finishing university, Genevieve moved to the Okanagan to join Travis, who had moved there a year earlier. It was there that Genevieve began her training.  “I began to get fit and joined a local running group – through them I started to do a few races, including a couple of half marathons,” said Genevieve.  “I also caught a small bit of the triathlon bug and have done a couple of sprint distance races.”

This will be the first adventure race for the duo. Although both are very active, they don’t do a lot of dedicated race training. “I am a fitness instructor, teaching classes and doing my own thing in the gym,” said Genevieve. “I also run when I can and bike around town a bit, typically towing a Chariot with our toddler daughter in it.”

Travis has been dirt bike riding, including long distance races, for many years. He is also a forester by profession, a job that requires strong physical fitness and the ability to navigate across unknown terrain. “If we don’t get the orienteering right, his work buddies won’t let him live it down!” teases Genevieve.

Trying to juggle their time between their separate events has become increasingly difficult since having their daughter two years ago. The couple thought it would be great to find an event they could do together, one that combined their separate skills and interests.

“Travis began the search without me really knowing and then brought up the idea of doing a MOMAR event,” recalls Genevieve. “We thought about it for a while, but finally decided to just jump in and do it, have some fun and see if this style of event will be something we can do together rather than solely doing our own events.”

Like all things in life, the couple says they will get through the race with the best tool available: good communication.

The MOMAR is an off road multisport sprint adventure race that requires teams to mountain bike, kayak, trail run, trek, and orienteer through a series of checkpoints over scenic and rugged west coast terrain. The MOMAR series has staged 34 races in British Columbia, Canada over 12 race seasons.

For anyone interested in experiencing an award winning, world-class adventure race, it’s not too late to sign up for MOMAR Cumberland. MOMAR offers a 50km Enduro Course and 30km Sport Course for those newer to one or all of the MOMAR disciplines.