Vernon goes dark for Earth Hour

City of Vernon takes part in sixth annual Earth Hour Saturday

The City of Vernon will participate in the sixth annual Earth Hour Saturday.

The goal of this event is to have as many people as possible commit to turning off their lights and other non‑essential power sources for one hour.

“The city will be turning off all unnecessary lights in operations buildings between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. and it hopes that others will do the same,” said Ann Klein-Morgenstern, environmental planning assistant.

Here are some ideas for how residents can participate:

Turn off or dim lights,  and unplug all of your non-essential appliances and electronics;

Light candles or use your most energy efficient forms of lighting;

Turn the heat down by just a few degrees;

At home: play board games, make your own music, have a candlelit dinner, or take some time to think about how you can reduce your energy consumption this year;

Go out to celebrate:

– Go to the Bean Scene for an evening of acoustic music by candlelight;

– Take in a festive swim at the Greater Vernon Aquatic Centre under dim lights after 8 p.m.;

– Go out for a candlelit dinner at one of the local participating restaurants (see;

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