Volunteers celebrated

St. John Ambulance is celebrating National Volunteer Week until Saturday

St. John Ambulance is celebrating National Volunteer Week until Saturday by thanking its volunteers for their support and dedication to its mission.

As a charity and one of the oldest humanitarian organizations in the world, St. John Ambulance has a history of aiding Canadian communities that reaches back more than a century.

Coast-to-coast, volunteers provide about one million hours of service each year through medical first response services at community events, and programs that help seniors, youth and children, including in Vernon and the North Okanagan..

“Our services are provided by the best trained, most committed and selfless people,” said Karen MacPherson, chief executive officer of St. John Ambulance.

“On behalf of the B.C. and Yukon council, I want to thank our volunteers, including our furry four-legged volunteers, for their service and sincere loyalty. They truly are the backbone of our organization.”

Community branches throughout the province will be presenting volunteers with various awards and accolades, such as the B.C. and Yukon Award, the Priory Vote of Thanks, and community service certificates for number of hours volunteered.

“We have more than 1,300 medical first responders and youth volunteers across B.C. and Yukon who, in 2015, dedicated their time and energy to more than 1,700 events treating nearly 7,000 patients,” said Romano Acconci, provincial commissioner for the St. John Ambulance B.C. brigade.

“It’s a pleasure working with these volunteers who have made many sacrifices and have given and will continue to give their time, skills and efforts in helping those in need. Our thanks also go to their families who support them.”