In preparation for their July wedding

In preparation for their July wedding

Wedding dance workshop unveiled

City Dance is hosting a free wedding dance intro workshop at the new studio (4411 29th Street) June 2 from 2 to 4 p.m

The bride’s white gown gently glides across the floor as her groom literally sweeps her off her feet for their first dance.

Their poise and elegance leaves the guests in awe as they admire the graceful composure of the newlywed’s union on the dance floor.

At least that’s how soon-to-be married Holly Cleveland and Chance Hogelie imagine their wedding dance will be.

The couple admits that just three months ago their four left feet just weren’t going to cut it for their first dance.

“The last time I danced was in high school,” said Cleveland, a 21-year-old welder who will marry fellow welder Hogelie, 23, in July.

Not wanting to look completely clueless for the first dance at their wedding, they tried to gain some sort of dance composure watching others.

“We looked up YouTube videos and it wasn’t really working,” said Cleveland, who was bumping into furniture and walls in her living room.

Following a failed attempt to do it on their own, the couple agreed that some expert advice would be a wise investment to make their special day even more memorable.

Now, with just half a dozen dance lessons, the couple has perfected a specially choreographed dance of their own.

“After our first dance we’re not going to look like fools,” said Cleveland, smiling at her fiancé.

While the idea of stepping foot into a dance studio can be intimidating for many, especially men, Hogelie was more fearful of stepping on his fiancé’s dress or tripping over his own feet at his wedding.

“I wanted to make it look good too,” said Hogelie, who can now proudly swing his bride-to-be around the dance floor.

Like the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Hogelie, an increasing number of engaged couples are looking to do more than the high school sway at their wedding.

“It’s sort of a real big thing to do, have a big choreographed dance,” said Heather Stranks, a professional instructor at City Dance, who helped Hogelie and Cleveland perfect their steps into, “a dance unique just for them.”

At one time, the first dance was simply a moment in the spotlight couples tried to survive. Now, the wedding dance has gone back to its roots, where it was once a very esteemed event, and is once again becoming a star fixture at weddings.

Some even go as far as choreographing parents and/or members of the wedding party into a routine.

Whether it’s one lesson or 10, Stranks says the time spent smiling, laughing and exercising on the dance floor is a great break from sometimes stressful wedding planning.

“And it’s nice for them to spend that time together before their wedding.”

To get couples on the right foot in their wedding, City Dance is hosting a free wedding dance intro workshop at the new studio (4411 29th Street) June 2 from 2 to 4 p.m. Pre-registration is required, call 250-307-4955.

There will be mini lessons throughout the two hours as well as discounts on wedding dance packages and other local wedding industry businesses on hand.