Westside Road upgrades en route

Roads will be upgraded as part of a water infrastructure project in the North Westside Road area.

The Central Okanagan Regional District board has approved a transfer of $400,000 from the gas tax community works fund.

“The money will be used to recycle asphalt along roadways during construction of the new water system for the Upper Fintry, Shalal Road and Valley of the Sun subdivisions,” said Bruce Smith, communications co-ordinator.

“By recycling road surface asphalt, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced, fewer aggregates will likely be needed and air quality will be improved as there will be less need for dust suppression chemicals.”

Funds will also be used for water quality control works.

“Construction on the new water system is expected to begin this spring,” said Smith.

The board also endorsed a funding application for eligible costs associated with integrating the new water system and the existing Fintry water utility, pending transfer of the private utility to CORD.

“Integration of the systems would help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve water quality and see an efficient use of infrastructure and staff resources,” said Smith.

In other North Westside news, directors have adopted official community plan and rezoning bylaws for the strata at La Casa Lakeside Resort.

Strata owners applied for the rezoning to allow for the development of an outdoor swimming pool, a workshop and to recognize an existing outdoor storage yard.

The structures are on a 1.47-hectare parcel adjacent to Terazona Drive that is included in a 30-year Crown lease.