International yoga champion Joseph Encinia will be in town today

International yoga champion Joseph Encinia will be in town today

Yoga master in town for tourney

The B.C. Southern Interior Regional Asana Championships are set for Sunday

Vernon is poised to stage some of the province’s top yoga finalists when the B.C. Southern Interior Regional Asana Championships come to town Sunday.

Bikram Yoga Vernon hosts the competition, which is free to attend, at 1 p.m.

With the event comes an international yoga champion, Joseph Encinia, who is judging the championships and will also be offering a special Q&A beginning series class today at 5 p.m.

Encinia last visited the local yoga studio in 2011, at which time Dionne Kopeck, director and owner of Bikram in Vernon said:

“We are really lucky to have someone of his caliber in our region.”

The three time national and 2011 international Yoga Asana Champion has a life-changing story about his experience with yoga.

“I haven’t always been very healthy; now, in large part due to Bikram yoga, I am in the best shape I have ever been,” states Encinia on his web page.

At a young age Encinia suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and then a heart attack at the age of 13.

Following a long journey to regain his health, Encinia discovered Bikram yoga.

“I simply expected a physical workout. I found much more than that,” he states.

“I have transformed. I no longer suffer constant pain. I’ve lost weight and developed lean muscle mass. I can contort my body into positions I never thought possible. I have gained a peace of mind I previously never knew existed. I have transcended many limitations within myself – mentally, physically and emotionally. I am accomplishing things I once thought impossible.”

Which is why Encinia now dedicates his life to sharing Bikram yoga with others.

Encinia’s class today in Vernon is $50. See the Bikram Yoga Vernon studio for details: 3204 29th St. or call 1-778-475-5845.