Gallery Vertigo presents Corwin Fox and Tereza Tomek May 16. (Photo submitted)

Gallery Vertigo presents Corwin Fox and Tereza Tomek May 16. (Photo submitted)

An artistic match made in heaven

Nothing pairs better than music and visual art

Nothing pairs better than music and visual art.

Gallery Vertigo gives patrons just such an experience with their May 16 concert featuring Cumberland’s Corwin Fox and Tereza Tomek.

“I love Vernon,” said Fox. “I love Vertigo. I love playing around the art. It’s like they’re curating the experience as well.”

Fox, who plays folk-based music, prefers the more intimate feeling found at venues like Vertigo.

“They’re my favourite right now,” said Fox on playing at smaller venues. “It’s a more direct experience. I’m really into having little boundary between performers and attendees.”

To that end, Fox uses as little mechanical help as possible, giving his shows a more organic feeling and an “eclectic experience not mitigated by anything.”

Tomek also prefers the level of comfort found at smaller shows.

“It’s really intimate,” said Tomek. “The people that come out really listen. It’s great as an artist.

Tomek plays largely nature-based, narrative-driven folk music, where every song tells a story. Just as with a novel, “each song has a beginning, middle, and end,” said Tomek.

She also utilizes an element of comedy in her act, adding to the lighthearted atmosphere at the all-ages show.

“It’s really nice to perform with Corwin,” said Tomek.

The two met at a music festival several years ago where Fox was performing. Now, the two keep in touch and are both based in Cumberland, on the Island.

Fox — who runs Pleasantville Studio in Cumberland — recorded, mixed, and mastered Tomek’s premiere album, Cryptozoology, which dropped in November 2013.

On tour for his recent release Mememe, Fox dabbles into a variety of influences in his folk tunes.

“This is the first full-length album I’ve put out in about 13 years,” said Fox. “I’m excited about it.”

To differentiate his work from the classic acoustic sound, Fox utilizes different instruments, and even a childrens’ choir on some songs.

“The last few years, I’ve been really into the banjo,” said Fox. “Some songs are kind of funny and silly, some are kind of sad.”

Fox’s interest in the arts began when he attended a performing arts high school for theatre. But it wasn’t until Fox saw musician Jason King perform More Than Words to a group of girls intently watching his every move that Fox knew he wanted to be a musician.

“That had a profound effect on me immediately,” said Fox.

“I realized that I listen to music all the time. It was clear: music eclipsed everything. It kind of took me over.”

Both Fox and Tomek have played at Gallery Vertigo in the past, and they agree that it will be an intimate event.

“I’ve played at the gallery a couple times,” said Tomek. “It’s cool to see it grow.

“It’s going to be a pretty magical evening.”

Corwin Fox and Tereza Tomek perform an all-ages show May 16 at Gallery Vertigo. Tickets are available for $10 prior to the event at The Bean Scene, or for $15 at the door, with kids under the age of 12 get in for free. Doors at 6:30 p.m., show at 7 p.m.