No Nap presents Abigail Lapell for an evening of live music and a blanket drive at the Caetani Cultural Centre Oct, 8. (Photo submitted)

No Nap presents Abigail Lapell for an evening of live music and a blanket drive at the Caetani Cultural Centre Oct, 8. (Photo submitted)

Folk concert supports Vernon shelter, mission

No Nap presents an evening of intimate music and a blanket drive Oct. 8

Quality live music and a blanket drive, that’s what No Nap has in store when they present CFMA winner for Best Contemporary Folk Album from Toronto for an intimate evening at the beautiful Caetani House Studio Oct. 8

Abigal Lapell’s music truly fits into the genre of contemporary folk in that there is an earthy warm familiarity to the guitar sounds yet these aren’t riffs or melodies one has necessarily heard before. Like the golden fields on her album cover next to a concrete city, it feels old and modern all at once.

“The gentle but compelling guitar tone under Lapell’s volcanic and old time timbered voice is something worth sitting down and getting to know, especially curled up with us and some tea for this event,” a spokesperson said. “We weren’t surprised to see her gaining nominations, notoriety and Best Contemporary Folk Album of the year at last years Canadian Folk Music Awards.”

Kicking off the evening is Okanagan local Jupiter Davis.

“Mr. Official NNR 001 – we had the pleasure of putting out this gems first solo album locally under this moniker last year,” No Nap said. “Heavenly soaring and nuanced flurries of beautiful melodic vocals, thoughtful lyricism and warm acoustic guitar tones – you can’t help but feel tenderly melancholic yet romantic during this solo set.”

Closing out the night is The High Quadra Ramblers from the Island – old time, traditional and Appalachian music from a long toured duo stopping in Vernon to show their string shredding.

Alongside the concert, No Nap is gathering donations for the local shelter “to add to the warm feelings as a part of this cozy show.” Most donations will make their way to the Gateway Homeless Shelter and others will be left at the Upper Room Misson.

Bring either blankets, jackets, coats, sweaters, water proof/warm/snow pants, gloves, toques, hoodies, socks, sleeping bags or pillows and get in for $10, or enter without a donation for $14. Preserved food items are also accepted, but the focus is on warm items, No Nap said.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tunes start at 7 p.m. and ends by 9:30 p.m. for the early birds. All ages welcome, kids by donation.

“We’re going to be baking up pies to share, feel free to do the same,” No Nap said. “There will be a table and utensils et cetera set out.”


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