Holidays with Talent: Andrew Allen

Holidays with Talent: Andrew Allen

Local singer/songwriter Andrew Allen shares what the holidays mean to him

What was your favourite Christmas memory growing up?

I remember one year my aunt and uncle came to visit and my folks thought it would be funny to make a huge/embarrassing sign to greet them with at the airport. But when they got off the plane, they were dressed as very extravagant elves, which was hilarious, but caused my parents to want to hide the sign.

What kind of traditions do you and your family celebrate at Christmas?

We have a lot of food. I don’t know if that’s a tradition or not, but I feel like I eat a lot of things at Christmas.

What does Christmas mean to you?

To me, Christmas is the time of year when everyone does their best to intentionally see each other. It’s busy but wonderful because you take that hour to run in and have a coffee with someone in their cozy, decorated house, or you finally have those people over that you’ve been trying to see all year. So, to me, Christmas is love. On the deeper side, it’s the beauty of the birth of Jesus and all the songs that come with that, and on the lighter side, it’s family and friends putting aside differences to try and enjoy time together — or maybe that’s a deeper side too — either way, it’s love.

What makes a great Christmas tree?

I think there’s two kinds of Christmas trees that I love: the artistically inspired pinterest tree that looks like a postcard, and the super fun/tacky Christmas tree with random ornaments from your childhood. I can’t choose just one.

What is the most unique gift you have given or received?

I honestly don’t know. For the last 15 years or more we haven’t done gifts at Christmas time. So I’m going to plead the fifth on this one.


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