Holidays with Talent: daysormay

Holidays with Talent: daysormay

Local alt. rockers daysormay (formerly //AMISTAD//) share what makes a great Christmas

What was your favourite Christmas memory growing up?

Visiting my grandparents on the coast.

— Craig Matterson

What kind of traditions do you and your family celebrate at Christmas?

A Christmas Eve cross country ski and tourtière.

— Carson Bassett

What does Christmas mean to you?


— The incredibly creative Nolan Bassett

What makes a great Christmas tree?

It must touch the ceiling and be so big that it requires a ladder.

— Eli Garlick

What is the most unique gift you have given or received

When I was about 12 I gave my brother a box full of his own underwear for christmas, but I had stolen it all from his room like weeks before so I could wrap it up. He had been surviving on one pair of underwear for about a month and wasn’t even bothered by it, he was just happy to have his other underwear back. To this day it’s still the most impressive feat to me. I was legitimately frightened by how unfazed he was.

— Aidan Andrews


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