Poetry [for all] workshop at Vernon gallery

Poetry [for all] workshop at Vernon gallery

Local poet Michelle Doege at Gallery Vertigo for six Saturdays

Vernon poet Michelle Doege believes poetry is essential for our time. When one thinks of poetry, we often think of lofty, educated people attempting to crack the code of language and meaning far beyond our intellect or ability. And yet, it is very likely our ancestors memorized and could recite a poem or two.

“I recall my grandfather, a farmer, reciting poems as we talked,” said Doege. “He would be telling me about the community threshing or ice cracking on the pond and throw in a line from some nature poem unknown to me at that young age.”

In Doege’s upcoming six-week poetry workshop at Gallery Vertigo, participants will read and discuss poems that explore aspects of our complex human experience. Providing a simple framework to read, and appreciate poems, the focus will be on learning from what impacts us most in each poem. We will ask: What poetic technique does the poet use to create such an impact? Participants will then practice integrating these skills into their own writing of poems.

Doege has hosted other local events, including a writing circle at the Spoke Literary Festival in 2017

“Each week, the workshops will focus on a specific poetic technique, workshop each other’s poems, and provide inspiration,” said Doege.

“Writing poetry, and reading and listening to poetry, connects us one to another and nurtures our common humanity,” she said. “Poems bring us intimately into the reality of another – another person, living creature or experience. A good poem creates a world, that before the poem, was foreign or alien to us. If we’re fortunate, we’re changed or altered in some way after reading, and absorbing, a poem.”

An instructor of English and writing for more than 20 years, and a recent master’s graduate in poetry, Doege is eager to further explore and share lessons and learnings from her extensive studies in poetry and her writing life.

Doege’s poetry (for all) workshop takes place at Gallery Vertigo over six Saturdays, March 2 to April 6, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost is $100.

To learn more about Doege, visit: www.michelledoegepoet.com

To sign up or for more information, email: galleryvertigonoaa@gmail.com


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