Reel Reviews: DC heroes unite

Reel Reviews: DC heroes unite

We say, “It might be the best DC film since the Dark Knight series”

The Batman (Ben Affleck) has a problem that is too big to solve alone: the death of Superman (Henry Cavill) has rendered the planet defenceless against an alien invasion. When an ancient power is awakened on the planet, Steppenwolf comes to harness it. To do so he will have to collect all three of the Mother boxes: one kept on the secret island home of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) one buried with Atlantis, home of Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and one buried in the mortal world. Together, these heroes and others will become the Justice League.

We say, “It might be the best DC film since the Dark Knight series.”

TAYLOR: Saying that is pretty sad because this film isn’t great, it’s merely good.”

HOWE: I would go as far as saying this is as good if not better than the first Avengers movie. Look at the superheroes you have in this gang, all far superior than the marvel ragtag collection, Batman alone is more exciting than them.

TAYLOR: I liked that it’s darker, more serious. It’s somehow a universe of more realistic consequences than in the Marvel stories. The Avengers and Spiderman are fun and funny. Batman and Superman have issues. Still, Justice League does lighten the mood, perhaps the most successfully of the recent DC films. I wouldn’t say that Justice League goes too far in any direction, keeping a good balance between dark and light. With a little less smashing in the third act, you could almost view Justice League as a straight up sci-fi flick.

HOWE: I agree that Justice League is a little darker, not only in story but also visually. It looks beautiful, the acting is better than average and the story line a lot more exciting. The other thing I noticed in this was that not one hero is trying to outdo the other. They all have their own little backstory, they all have their own little five minutes of screen time and no one seems to be trying to one-up each other. Even Superman doesn’t steal the limelight, which is pretty surprising seeing he is, well, Superman.

TAYLOR: Wonder Woman and Aquaman should make a baby, even just for purely aesthetic reasons. Is it inappropriate to suggest two beautiful gods breed? They’re not human. Exophobic? Exploitative? Superman and Lois Lane? Forgive me Amy Adams, but never in a million years. Wonder Woman and Aquaman would equal butts in seats, the comic book romance of all-time.

Taylor gives Justice League 3.5 swords out of 5.

Howe gives it 5 cornfields out of 5.