Leone Caetani Library at Accademia Dei Lincei in Rome, Italy. (Susan Brandoli photo)

Leone Caetani Library at Accademia Dei Lincei in Rome, Italy. (Susan Brandoli photo)

UPDATE: Vernon’s Caetani Centre travelogue sold out

Executive Director Susan Brandoli will share photos of Caetani family’s place of origin

More than 1,000 years of history is tied to the Caetani Centre in Vernon, and the public will soon have the chance to peer back to eighth century Italy for a glimpse at the Caetani family’s origins. That is, if you’ve already purchased the ticket. Since the event was publicized it has since sold out.

For those have purchased their tickets already and are attending, they are reminded that parking on site is limited and reserved for those with mobility issues and those needing assistance only.

“We’ve received a number of calls from people still wanting to purchase tickets,” said executive director Susan Brandoli. “For those people who were disappointed and missed getting their tickets, we would advise them to sign up for our e-newsletter on our website, and if there is enough interest we hope to hold a similar event in the future.”

The Caetani Centre Studio Gallery will host a photographic story of a journey developed by the centre’s executive director last summer.

Susan Brandoli travelled to Italy in June 2019, where she traversed many of the historic Caetani properties.

She will share photo from her trip on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 7 to 9 p.m., at the Caetani Centre Studio Gallery.

While staying in the 13th century Castello Caetani, she documented her trip through the cobbled streets of Sermoneta and met with representatives of the four remaining Italian Caetani foundations in Rome and Latina, Brandoli.

“From the hilltop fortress of Sermoneta and other Caetani strongholds, to spectacular Mediterranean villas and parklands, the Caetani family was one of the most prominent historic Italian families, counting popes, statesmen, scholars, musicians and artists among its members,” said Brandoli.

Brandoli’s photo story also explores the wetlands of the Pontine Marshes, ancient Roman ruins, and the famous Gardens of Ninfa.

The Caetani Cultural Centre is the former home of renowned Vernon artist Sveva Caetani, described on the centre’s webpage as a “visionary figure in the community.”

The event will provide a connection between Caetani’s ties to the Okanagan and aristocratic family’s ancient legacy.

“Join us for an illustrated evening of colourful history, dark curses, illuminating travel and high adventure,” said Brandoli

Tickets are $10 and all proceeds go towards a fund for the Caetani Heritage Display.

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