Vernon votes: ‘easiest thing I did today’

Vernon votes: ‘easiest thing I did today’

Voters in Vernon agree, it’s important to cast your ballot

There are only four more hours to cast a ballot in Canada’s 43rd federal election and the lineups around Vernon are moving swiftly.

Polling station staff at Clarence Fulton Secondary School said it’s been consistent, but they’re expecting things to pick up after 4 p.m. when many Vernonites are finishing their work day.

Rick and Dolly Alionis cast their ballots this afternoon in the BX and Rick’s message to eligible voters: “Vote.”

“If you don’t, depending on who you are for, you get what you get,” he said.

Dolly, 74, said she has made her mark in every election since she has been eligible.

“It was a lot less crowded than I thought it would be at this time,” Rick said.

Jeremy Silzer, 30, said it’s important to vote and he is encouraging all of his peers to go out and have their say.

“It’s the world we live in nowadays,” he said in Fulton Secondary School’s parking lot before casting his ballot. “We’re in our prime at this age and we are working towards what we want and how we want the world to be for the future and the younger generation.”

Polls are open in the North Okanagan-Shuswap until 7 p.m. tonight and polling stations can be found on your voter information card or online at

Voters will need a piece of government-issued identification such as a driver’s licence. If you don’t have that, you can use two pieces of ID, one of which must have your current address. A utility bill and student ID will do, according to Elections Canada.

A full list of acceptable ID and proof of address can be found on Elections Canada’s website.

Vernon Morning Star readers on Facebook said voting in the 2019 federal election has been smooth sailing.

“Easy as pie,” Michelle Pariseau. “In and out in under five minutes.”

“Easiest thing I did today,” Lee Anne Carnegie wrote.

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