Don Cherry situation war on PC

Don Cherry situation war on PC

Thanks for your article about Don Cherry. You are right, digital footprints seem to be stomping over everyone’s rights and our elders. You may have missed one big aspect about this event.

Cherry may be the Canadian “canary in the mine shaft.” This event may be more about the self righteous sanctimonious left wingers push on political correctness legislatures which give jobs to lawyers and helps globalists gag Canadian voices so they can nibble away at our “free” country. And freedom of speech which vets bled and died for and which journalists like you, with a hopefully non-bias platform voice, are still partial enjoying.

When journalists have a bias they may miss the bigger picture. It seems via the assertion of the Trumpian bad you seem to say that asking newcomers to respect our traditions is a bad thing? But then that seems to be the agenda globalists seem to be pushing. But then that is what anti-Trump derangement syndromes seem to create in certain minds.

Yours truly,

Erika Lambert