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LETTER: A Calamity of errors

Water mishap causes Vernonite issue

It wasn’t Friday the 13th or April 1, but Dec. 8 when the City of Vernon decided to flush out the water lines.

At first, the toilets began to gurgle with powerful indigestion – so I proceeded to check all the toilets. I had meant to wash the bathroom floor in the basement – but the city did that for me, expelling an inch of water in my bathroom.

Fortunately, a mat caught a lot, otherwise, the water would have found its way to the carpet in the next room.

Next door, my neighbour’s toilet became a bidet on steroids, water shooting to the ceiling.

The geyser was relentless, showing how much water it was capable of expelling.

I’m sure the city had no intention of our misfortune, but if we had not been home, this may have turned out to be an insurance claim.

So thanks but no thanks – I can wash my own bathroom floors and my neighbour is in no need of a bidet.

Marlene Sapergia