(Sean Kilpatrick - The Canadian Press file)

(Sean Kilpatrick - The Canadian Press file)

LETTER: A lesson in EV

Morning Star reader responds to letter re: electric vehicles

This letter is in response to a letter to the editor written by Andrew Kendrick about coal-fired electricity and electric cars. I agree with Mr. Kendrick that coal-fired electricity generation needs to be replaced to reduce greenhouse gases.

In Canada, coal-fired generation has already been reduced by 50 per cent since 2005. Coal source electricity was completely eliminated in Ontario in 2014. Coal was reduced in Alberta’s grid by 43 per cent since 2005. Only seven per cent of electricity in Canada is from coal. Alternative energy could replace the remaining coal-fired plants. Seven per cent of Canada’s electricity is already produced by solar, wind and other sources of alternative energy. Sixty per cent of Canada’s production of power comes from hydro. Stats here are from the Government of Canada. Clean BC reports that 98 per cent of electricity in B.C. comes from clean, renewable sources.

Even though we need to eliminate coal sources I would like to comment on the efficiency of electric motors. A study was done in the U.K. were electric cars powered by coal source electricity were compared to fossil fuel-powered cars. The gasoline cars emitted 40% more emissions then the electric cars measuring the emissions from the coal source electricity used.

The City of Vernon has done a study on the source of Green House Gases produced locally. The study indicates that 63% of Vernon’s G.H.G. comes from driving gas vehicles.

Andrew Kendrick’s facts about E.V.’s batteries not being recycled in wrong. Retriev, a company in Trail, BC, has been in the lithium-ion battery recycling business for over 35 years.

Electric cars can be charged with 6 solar panels.

BC will soon have electric buses and Vernon will benefit from this. The Clean BC programs will eliminate the sale of new fossil fuel-powered cars by 2040.

Terry Dyck