City contractors will continue to target eggs to try to contain the city's large goose population.
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Letter: Cheers to council

Cheers to Vernon council for addressing the goose problem.

I have lived just above Kin Beach for 16 years and see more geese every year.

The number of geese depositing their poop in and around the lake has to be reckoned with.

I also want to encourage the city to get serious about the feeding of geese and ducks. I thought it was unlawful to feed wildlife.

On another topic, I just licensed my dog and spoke with Docupet.

This is the company hired by RDNO to deal with licensing our pets.

I asked if there were jurisdictions that required cats to be licensed and was told that indeed there are. I would like to know why in this day and age when we are told by ornithologists that cats are responsible for the death of a billion-plus birds a year in North America, that cats are given a pass and allowed to wander free?

So maybe the stop the goose cull petitioners could take a stand for our smaller feathered friends. Maybe pet control could target these free-roaming kitties.

C.G. Lightfoot