LETTER: Climate deniers can’t handle the truth

LETTER: Climate deniers can’t handle the truth

To the editor:

A while ago, Greta Thunberg said, “I don’t want you to listen to me; I want you to listen to the scientists.”

Because unscrupulous people have recently been cashing in on her fame, she stated: “I assure you, I and the other school strikers have absolutely no interest in trademarks. But unfortunately, it needs to be done.”

Now Greta has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for a second time.

Many people, including U.S. President Donald Trump, have mocked Greta for pugnaciously expressing her concerns about the destruction of our natural environment — rapidly melting ice caps, intense forest fires, drought-damaged farmland, extreme rain storms and diminishing wildlife habitat.

Being that social media is overflowing with biased detractors, I wrote a tiny tale of hyperbole to express my admiration for Greta and her cause célèbre.

A tall tale about Greta: Three climate change protesters spot Greta sitting alone on a park bench. She is staring at the ground with a forlorn look on her face.

The first protester asks, “Are you all right, Greta?”

After brushing a tear from her cheek, Greta looks up and then points in the direction of the park’s duck pond.

Beyond the pond, a large plume of grey smoke is billowing up from behind a secluded stand of tall evergreen trees.

The second protester asks, “What’s going on?”

In a tone projecting suppressed rage, Greta says, “They’re burning books! They’re burning every scientific document that ever concluded the mankind’s consumption of fossil fuels has played a significant role in global warming.”

The three protesters instantly demand who is burning books.

Greta’s answers scornfully, “Selfish, greedy, short-sighted people.”

The third protester stammers, “My god, don’t they want to examine the facts and ascertain the truth?”

Her squinted eyes ablaze with emotion, Greta responds, “They can’t handle the truth!”

Lloyd Atkins