LETTER: COVID-19 time to lose gender bias

How we rebuild and recover from this pandemic will set precedents for generations to come. We have the opportunity to change our traditional costly and unhealthy attitudes and behaviours. I am reflecting on the common perspective of females as second class citizens.

COVID-19 has shown that the jobs which women predominantly perform such as in health care, education, cleaning, selling and so many other professions are very essential and yet they are not suitable compensated. This has a ripple effect upon the rest of society, especially children, unwell and seniors who are dependent on their service.

Over time, women have been viewed as less powerful, but in recent years the percent of females graduating from universities has proven that their brains are not deficient. Unfortunately, this result has not been reflected in women attaining senior positions, jobs in politics and receiving equal pay for equal work. Society is suffering since it is not functioning at maximum capacity due to the lack of equal representation. All needs and views are heard and not all communication styles are utilized.

This is serious mismanagement considering women represent half of the population and all that talent and perspective is not taken advantage of.

Women are still objectified and when the situation becomes stressful like it recently has, women have become the punching bag to relieve it. The violence against them that has skyrocketed during COVID-19 is proof of this. This inappropriate attitude and behaviour is extremely costly to society.

It’s time to start fresh and leave behind our old gender biases and learn to respect everyone and utilize and compensate them for the beneficial qualities they offer.

Look to women to share a role in blasting out of this limiting bubble that we’re trapped in and free society to thrive.

Barbara Van Sickle,