LETTER: Cruel comments unwarranted after Vernon man found

LETTER: Cruel comments unwarranted after Vernon man found

To the editor,

Re: Jay Rosenberger search in Jan 31,2020

I have seen numerous cruel posts on social media once Jay Rosenberger was found. Some even suggesting this was all a ploy to “get money” and wanting their GoFundMe donation refunded. I too was involved with the search and I would like to set the record straight.

First off, it is important to remember that our only goal and priority when we “signed up,” or contributed money, to this event was to help “find Jay”. That’s it. And if we were blessed he would be alive when we found him. That was all we wanted.

So we banded together to help Jay’s mother and sister find Jay. For us living in Vernon it was a no brainer. If you had time to help, or money to spare, you helped out because Jay was a member of our community. It ignited a human value taught to me growing up in East Van — “You mess with my friend, you mess with me.” I was all in.

The fact that Jay’s mother and sister were from out of town brought out the best in all of us. Important values like helping our fellow man, being kind and compassionate. The response was tremendous and heart warming. We should all be proud of this.

And after five days of working, thinking, searching and worrying, we actually found Jay. We accomplished our goal. We even got the added bonus that he was still breathing when we found him.

We need to understand that there was no clause in the contract stating we would be entitled to know what happened, or why it happened. We found him alive. We win. And we should be grateful this story has a great ending, close the book and put it on the shelf.

Guy Rutledge, Vernon