LETTER: Defying nature

Vernon Morning Star reader argues vegan diet isn’t aligned with biology

Mr. Virgil Mott recently wrote a letter to the editor in which he stated we humans have a highly conflicted relationship with non-human animals and with the natural world.

He indicated we had not yet figured out what our relationships should be with other animal species and their environment. I agree the human record is unfortunate to say the least.

Mr. Mott believes that some people have found the answer. He is referring to vegans, who practice a strict form of vegetarianism, where no animal food at all is eaten and no clothing from animal sources is worn. According to Mr. Mott, vegans profess compassion and respect for all sentient beings.

That may well be true. However, in my opinion, vegans often show considerable contempt for the natural world.

For example, they conveniently ignore the biological fact that human beings are not herbivores. We are omnivores and evolved as hunter-gatherers who eat a meat and plant-based diet that our bodies prefer.

It is the same in the wild animal population, which is mixed between herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

Each species chooses food that meets its biological needs, and biology rules life.

I can’t agree with Mr. Mott, that following a severely restricted diet and its related lifestyle could possibly give vegans insight into the fairest way to behave towards the animal kingdom.

With their continued denial of the reality of nature, I would think vegans would be the least likely to have worthwhile knowledge of the subject.

Sharon Ramsdale