LETTER: Dogs could spook geese

How long will a goose cull eliminate the goose dilemma?

We definitely need a safe monitored open range that will not only eliminate to a degree, the goose poop problem, but will also feed those on low income and who lost their jobs through the COVID-19 with no cost to the city.

On another note: In 2018, I moved within half a kilometre to Kin Beach. I see signs: No Dogs allowed. Normally people pick up their dog poop in a specified poop baggie.

But who picks up the goose poop? You can’t walk on the grass or the beach without trying to miss a carpet of poop.

If dogs were allowed on a leash, at least they will somewhat, to a degree, discourage the geese from coming on the lawn and along the beach area.

And even that may not be the total solution, but every bit can help for elimination.

When I lived in Lake Country, I used to go to the park at the north end of Ellis Street in Kelowna.

At that time, they had a sign that dogs must be on a leash. I have never seen a lot of geese there; just sometimes an odd one here and there. But I have always seen dogs on a leash there.

Esther Shortt