LETTER: Don Cherry may not be eloquent, but he’s loyal

LETTER: Don Cherry may not be eloquent, but he’s loyal

Unofficial Canadian ambassador’s words not out of character

Yes, it can be said that Don Cherry is much like a bull in a china shop with his remarks and no one will dispute that!

On the other hand, there is no person in Canada who is more loyal and honoured to be Canadian and he is the unofficial spokesperson for our Armed Forces who have made our Canada what it is today having made the ultimate sacrifice in the past, present and future. No politician can say that… and that is without dispute!

We know Cherry is not a master of the English word and we have witnessed that over the last 40 years as our unofficial ambassador of hockey, not only in Canada, but the world.

In reality, all Cherry has attempted to do in his capacity as a hockey expert is make hockey players accountable and bring fair play and integrity to the game.

That is what he has always attempted to do with those people referred to as “politicians,” who, to this day, do not understand the rules of the game.

While Don Cherry is not the most eloquent man, we can’t dispute the fact he is the most loyal and respectful Canadian that we have in public broadcasting and yes he tends to “call it like it is” and there will always be those overly sensitive to what is too often termed as being “politically incorrect.”

Let’s be honest and forthright here… politicians have no understanding of what is “politically correct.”

We should know by now who Don Cherry is referring to when he says “those people out there!”

It is not your average tax paying citizen of Canada who have earned their way!

I rest my case!

Len Eddy, Armstrong