The crowd filling the Pat Duke Memorial Arena in Lumby reacts after learning Lumby is the 2016 Kraft Hockeyville. (Morning Star file)

LETTER: Four years later, thanks for making Lumby Hockeyville

Morning Star reader says thanks to everyone who helped win Lumby the Hockeyville title four years ago!

In a world full of so many negatives – let me share a load of positivity!

Five years ago Rhonda Catt shared her application nominating Lumby to be Kraft Hockeyville. There ended up being well over 200 applications.

Lumby was shortlisted and we won.

We received $100,000 and raised close to another $100,000 including a grant from Telus, and then White Valley Parks and the Village of Lumby waited patiently for grant applications that were sent in by Tannis Nelson via NORD.

The Pat Duke Memorial Arena ended up with a total of $3,000,000 from federal gas taxes for upgrades focusing on change rooms for female hockey players.

It’s four-and-a-half years since Lumby won Hockeyville and four years-plus more than two months since the LA Kings played the Edmonton Oilers as Lumby won Hockeyville. The girls have their own change room rather than a closet or a bathroom and while COVID-19 is making this a creative time, everyone involved needs to be thanked.

The Lumby Arena crew have added out Hockeyville logo back on the ice, centre ice is Peter Catt’s emblem and our barn has been restored for new generations of hockey players, figure skaters, ringette players, lacrosse players and for Barn Dances for years to come.

When COVID-19 is behind us, I plan to rent the barn and throw a family dance and an adult dance like we previously had.

A huge thanks to Whitevalley Parks & Rec, NORD, the Village of Lumby, LMHA, Lumby Figure Skating.

A thank you to everyone who sat on the toilet with their phones and tablets and voted for Lumby – don’t pretend you didn’t. We all did for two different weekends!

To each friend, family member, grandparent and social network you shared with, thank you.

Kraft Hockeyville taught me that every single memory is worth it. The late nights, the tense moments and bringing the community together with voting, with a live winning show on Sportsnet and with an NHL game where many got to meet McDavid & others.

While our world seems to be a challenge – let’s continue to make memories, support our community members, check in on people and throw kindness around like it’s confetti or hot sauce.

Thanks again to everyone involved. With a community behind an idea, anything and everything is truly possible.

Angie Clowry