City contractors will continue to target eggs to try to contain the city's large goose population.
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LETTER: in favour of cull

I was born and raised here in Vernon and have watched a few Canadian Geese gliding by our cabin turn into aggressive, pooping pests and I am in full support of a culling in 2021.

I have personally had geese chase me on our property and even our big lab is afraid of them!

I think it is important to note that only a small percentage will be affected and many will remain, hopefully, young ones that migrate each fall.

Warmer winters and the kind-hearted though un-informed residents who feed them are no doubt the main cause of the increase but their effect on our parks, beaches and city, in general, is becoming a health hazard.

Many don’t seem to realize an angry goose could seriously maim or kill a child in minutes and the feces in our lakes and on the shores and parklands is a hazard to everyone’s well-being.

My congratulations to the current city council for facing a problem that is long overdue.

I can only guess those signing petitions against this decision have never walked through Polson Park or tried to have a picnic on any of our beautiful beaches.


Bobbe MacKenzie