LETTER: In response to withholding taxes

Morning Star reader has some suggestions to ‘walk the talk’

I’d like to commend Ms. Sharp for her heartfelt intentions.

Last week she informed readers that she intends to withhold $200 from her tax return in support of climate change.

Despite your best intentions, not paying taxes is not a prerogative you’re entitled to. That said, I’d like to suggest a more significant act that is fully within your control and is legal. You simply need to ‘walk the talk’.

Just separate your daily life from all things derived from hydrocarbons.

That indeed would be meaningful and noticeable to all around you.

To get you started here’s a small list of common household possessions to distance yourself from – your car, your gas-fired furnace, the tires on your bicycle and the helmet you use to ride it, your eyeglasses, your mobile phone, your perfumes, many of your clothes, the aspirins in your medicine cabinet and your household detergents.

Do that and you will truly earn respect for taking a stand. Until then please pay your taxes.

Ken Topolinsky