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LETTER: Loss of faith and trust in council

Morning Star reader says he’s tried several times to voice concerns to council and has been left unanswered

I am writing this letter as I have lost faith and trust in our mayor and council. I have emailed the mayor and council many times and no response. Not even an automated one from the mayor. These are elected representatives. I have also delivered a letter to city hall several times and still no response.

The reason I tried contacting was the big mess regarding the new garbage bins.

If there had been proper consultation with the public and they listened, then maybe the public would have told them the bins are too big and awkward for many and will be hard to move in snow and when wheels break off, then what happens. We might have also found out that the city plans on pick up every two weeks.

I have also written to them regarding the planned new recreation centre asking for any information like a consultant’s report from one who is familiar with cities of our size and age demographics. I also asked for information on justification for placing a new centre in an area of hotels and the reasoning behind the location. I also asked by what affordable means; does it mean smaller apartments with lower finishes to keep the costs down or the usual rooms with a couple of hundred subsidies by the public.

I have also written to them regarding the cultural centre that we voted on in 2018 and, by their own words on their website, if financing wasn’t finalized within two years, the project would be scrapped. But now into year three, we haven’t heard how they are doing and no progress. SHUT IT DOWN AND LEAVE IT.

I have also asked them when they quote a year tax increase on a project why they do not inform the taxpayers that this is a snapshot today and things will most likely go up in the future. No, they do not. People will realize that their taxes will increase by much more than they want.

Garry Haas


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