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LETTER: More adverts for vax needed

Seniors without access to internet left in the dark, reader says

This has been brought to my attention… The reason some people, particularly seniors, are not getting their COVID-19 vaccination is that they do not have access to the Internet.

My daughter, while talking to her senior neighbours who live alone, asked if they had been given their COVID shots. The answer was NO. After some conversation, she found out why.

They were not getting the information that was needed.

They did not know how and where to get it because they didn’t have access to the Internet. We have thousands of seniors in B.C.

How many are in the same predicament? What can be done about it?

Everyone has to pick up mail. I can’t remember a pamphlet in my mailbox.

The federal and provincial governments have (most) everybody’s email addresses.

Nothing in there either! Post office? Nothing prominently displayed either!

Radio? Now radio is on the TV channels. It used to be a great source of local information that people actually listened to.

Now the only radios are in our cars.

Our Morning Star is packed with local information. I’m sure radio is too. That’s where, in small towns, local newspapers and local radio need to get together to promote each other.

I think an eye-catching announcement on the front page of all small communities newspapers, just like the ad on your top right-hand corner, with pertinent information including information such as what, how, time and place and what to bring with you would help.

With some incentive, a taxi company could be encouraged to cover that spot.

Local grocery stores that all require masks and dispense hand sanitizer could make some room for pamphlets.

We must remember seniors are a little slower at solving problems. They sometimes have problems seeing and hearing too. So as Dr. Bonnie says, “Be Kind.”

Maureen McClocklin