LETTER: No confidence in government

I’m not sure if I would be better off not reading the news, digital or otherwise, but every day I feel sick to my stomach with how very well paid people are performing poorly in regards with controlling this historic pandemic. I am talking about politicians and health-care administrators.

At first, I was mad about politicians escaping covid fatigue buy laying on a sunny beach outside of Canada while we peasants have been told to stay home.

OK, I was mad but It really didn’t affect me directly.

Then the news about vaccines sitting in cold storage instead of being injected. That made me mad and it does affect me a little bit. And then the straw that broke the camel’s back – inmates getting vaccinated before some nurses, and also me?

Are you kidding me? Who made that decision?

Something has to be done about stupid people getting way too much money to do a crappy job.

And where is the accountability? Are you telling me a politician’s punishment for going to Hawaii for Christmas can’t claim COVID benefit? That overpaid slug shouldn’t even qualify for aid at his/her salary. We are all hurting during this pandemic. All of us except the overpaid.

Mick Bell