LETTER: North Okanagan needs to modernize recycling

LETTER: North Okanagan needs to modernize recycling

This reader says it’s time for the RDNO move into 21st Century

As the jurisdiction responsible for solid waste, the North Okanagan Regional District needs to move into the 21st Century and provide leadership in recycling collection.

Both Kelowna and Penticton use large residential recycling containers with wheels and lids that are mechanically picked up and collected bi-weekly.

The containers are easily moved even when full and protected from the weather.

The Regional District defaulted to Multi-Material BC who use containers that have to be manually carried, are open to the weather, the paper often gets wet and blown around littering the streets.

The containers are often left haphazard in the street and also blown around. MMBC pickup has been irregular and day late due to problems with staffing.

The pickup in Kelowna and Penticton only requires a driver who never leaves the truck. Let your politicians know if you, like myself want to see a change.

— Doug Dirk, Vernon