LETTER: On the subject of culling

How…how…HOW have we not moved past the idea that we can destroy whatever inconveniences us?

How are we not revolted by this mindset yet?

Who still prescribes to this archaic idea that humanity can do whatever he pleases because his worth is higher than all else?

I ask the City of Vernon, at the very least, to admit that its laziness has fueled the decision to cull these geese.

We have learned time and time again that the entitlement of our culture to rape and pillage and gut and discard is a disease.

That you cannot seem to drum up enough imagination to find a solution that isn’t the exact form of colonialist behaviour that has plagued this country since coming to this beautiful land is an embarrassing show of laziness.

At least have the gall to admit it.

Spare us your pathetic attempt at hiding your vileness behind some construct of how “it’s the only way.”


Somehow, we have learned how to sanitize our human waste to be “pure” enough to pump into the lake (a whole other topic altogether, about which I’d gladly write another letter to the editor!) and now we are taking issue with geese poop?

All I can say to that is OK, boomer.

Hanna Fettis