LETTER: Pandemic strengthens community

I read the articles under the headlines page A8 “COVID-19 pandemic hits home” and “COVID-19 restrictions continue to affect us all,” in the Vernon Morning Star, Jan. 21, 2021.

In a nutshell, what I understand is being said is the most exhausting thing in life is COVID-19. That is why so much physical life, psychological distancing and furlough is exhausting.

Within these headlines, there are lessons I see learned.

There have been standout heroes in our first responders, health care, social and domestic service professionals giving their lives to keep things going. There is hope with vaccines.

Bridges have been built in societies that have shaped and change us all. The pandemic showed us courage. It brought us together from all ethnic races, faiths, groups, cultures in a battle for our collective safety from a microscopic enemy.

I think the pandemic has broken down our views about our fellow citizens.

It has connected and cemented us at a spiritual and emotional level. It has brought out the core values of us all of affection, empathy and care.

Not to mention, all the synagogues, mosques, temples, churches, homeless shelters and community centres along with their volunteers share their love and resources with those who have so little. Our society has been strengthened. one by one, we have become better. This is the way I see it.

Ed. R.R. Witzke