LETTER: Pipeline cons simply outweigh pros for B.C.

LETTER: Pipeline cons simply outweigh pros for B.C.

Camping, fishing, agriculture could be doomed if oil spills

Gaye Agnew,

I agree with you 100 per cent. All your points and observations are similar to mine.

The rich aren’t worried, they can travel anyway. The weather and campgrounds are beautiful, just as it is here in B.C.

One point you missed is the invasive mussels brought in from where? There is no person or organization to police that, these are brought in from where?

It will be quite easy to travel here once your campgrounds are polluted with oil; call and make reservations here, this will stop if our campgrounds are covered in oil, we won’t even want to camp—not that, as British Columbians, we can get into our own campgrounds!

As a retired senior it is a nice thought to go camping but, “sorry, we are full,” is what we hear, or “make reservations,” why as British Columbians should we who built this province have to bid against outsiders to get a camping spot in our province?

We as British Columbians do not have any choice, it is being rammed down our throat and if it ends up polluted that is OUR cross to bear and have to live in a barren land, no wildlife, fishing, agriculture and the list goes on.

Your point of potential fires, too, is a good point. Oil assisting a fire — BARREN LAND!

— Bill Thorick