LETTER: Prime minister shouldn’t be protecting protesters

LETTER: Prime minister shouldn’t be protecting protesters

To the editor:

I know this letter is going to upset some people but I was taught to stand up and speak out for what is right and to speak down to what is wrong.

Well, how I see it is both sides are going about negotiations the wrong way. This they have proven.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made the biggest blunder in the history of the Canadian Government.

He has succeeded in putting illegal protesters, radicals and terrorists above Canadian law.

He was sworn into office to uphold the laws of the country.

He is to protect the rights of all Canadians. Instead, he backed down, allowing illegal protesters to shut down a large part of the country, and set fire to the railroads in Ontario in February, which are federal property. This act makes them terrorists.

The shutdown of roads, ports and railroads caused great hardships on the honest, hard-working taxpayers.

Justin the prime minister has a history of apologizing to the country for his mistakes.

This does not make for a good or strong leader.

Now, the Elders and band leaders should have sorted out their disagreements, differences before the contracts were signed.

In closing, if I were Justin, I would keep my head bowed so I couldn’t see the disappointment in the taxpayers’ eyes.

If I were an Elder or band leader, I would promise my peoples that more money would be spent on access to better drinking water and there would more help for the disenfranchised, including addicts and those experiencing homelessness.

I figure something positive should come out of this mess.

Doug Morrison