LETTER: Religion belongs in the home, not in the class

LETTER: Religion belongs in the home, not in the class

To the editor:

Brian Unrau’s recent letter, headlined Bring God back into the classroom, should generate a few responses. With his wild and inaccurate references to Darwin’s work on the evolution of species and no references to centuries of sectarian violence in the name of religion in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Northern Ireland, I can’t believe Mr. Unrau is serious.

Religion and matters of faith belong within the family and in churches, synagogues and mosques. Any positive spillover from those places to the public sphere will then be felt — or not. His reference to the public school system where “teachers can feel it is OK to lie and cheat” is surely unjustified and uncalled for.

I do not suppose Mr. Unrau would be interested in the comparative study of all religious and faith communities as he simply supports the imposition of his own faith at the expense of all others. That could pose a problem in an ethnically diverse country like ours with a publicly-funded education system.

Surely the dominant reference in the preamble to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is to the rule of law as the reference to the supremacy of God is general and all-inclusive.

I know we will be hearing from Mr. Unrau soon, so I am hoping he is working on an explanation of who and how the creator was created — with appropriate biblical references and some peer-reviewed science.

Rodney Drennan