LETTER: Rock song gets Christmas makeover

LETTER: Rock song gets Christmas makeover

Dear Editor,


(to the tune of Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry)

Well, way up in the Arctic where the cold winds blow,

There is a hidden workshop made of ice and snow.

Now every year at Christmas it will be in lights,

It’s filled with tiny workers running ‘round in tights.

They’re busy making presents for the girls and boys

And filling Santa’s sleigh up with the chosen toys.

Go, go, go, Santa, go

Go, go, go, Santa, go

Go, go, go, Santa, go

You’d better be good!

He starts out on his trip with the sleigh piled high

And lands upon the rooftops with a quiet sigh.

He squeezes down the chimney or goes in through a door,

Then with his sack of presents sneaks across the floor.

He leaves each one with a gift according to his list,

Then with a wink he vanishes into the mist.


Go, go, Santa, go

When Christmas day is over for another year

And everyone is happy with their Christmas cheer,

The entrance to the toy shop closes with a screech.

Then Santa and his helpers head south to a beach.

Another year is over with a job well done,

So now it’s time to catch up on a little sun.


Go, go, go, Santa, go

Doug Hayden

Vernon, BC