LETTER: Single-use plastic ban a media ploy

LETTER: Single-use plastic ban a media ploy

To the editor:

With all the talk lately about single-use plastics and the negative impact they have on the environment with the solution being to ban such items, I can’t help wonder if the solution to ban such items is based on fact or just an attempt by politicians to get a good sound bite on the evening news.

Let’s look at the facts.

Next time you go to the hospital, just look around at the patients and what is hanging above their beds dripping medicine into the patients — IV bags and the accompanying plastic tubes.

Single-use plastics. Is there an alternative to that?

How about driving out in the country in the fall when the round bales of hay are out in the field all wrapped up in what? Plastic. Single-use plastic.

The list goes on and on.

These are two examples of what the politicians don’t want to address.

Single-use plastics are good for the media to play up and the politicians to use as an election platform, but really folks?

It is just politicians trying to impress us by blowing smoke out of their tail pipe like a ‘56 Rambler.

All a big show with no substance.

Helmut Herrmann