LETTER: Snow removal could improve in Vernon

LETTER: Snow removal could improve in Vernon

To the editor:

I am writing to agree with Cathy R.’s letter in the Vernon Morning Star on Jan. 31, 2020, regarding snow removal. She suggests snow could be removed at night from the curbsides and other roadways where it piles up making lanes narrow.

The snow use to be removed at night years ago. We never had poor air quality notices then from the sand. It was mostly picked up when the curbsides were cleared. When driving along 25th Avenue today, all I saw was piles of black ice/snow. If they are cleaned up now (before they all melt) imagine all the dirt that would not be in the city if removal took place.

I personally avoid downtown as much as possible in the winter because I am afraid of falling and to park (if you can) and get across the snow piles to plug a meter would be ludicrous for me and other people in my situation.

I have emailed a portion of this letter to the mayor and council, but knowing how slowly governments of all types work, I am not holding my breath expecting anything to get done this winter but you never know, there is next. One can only hope.

Joan P.