LETTER: Something to celebrate

The Trump presidency is over and there is much to celebrate.

One of the most important announcements is that the U.S. will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. Even without the U.S., most countries have already pledged to lower carbon emissions.

In December, the Canadian government announced a strong new climate plan with new targets, a healthy budget and plenty of strategies to move us forward for a positive climate future.

There is money to help homeowners and businesses retrofit older buildings, to advance zero-emission vehicles and to expand our energy infrastructure.

These energy improvements can save us money while reducing air pollution and improving human health.

Part of Canada’s climate plan is to increase the carbon fee on fuel and the fees will be credited back to individuals and families as they are in B.C. Many countries in Europe have much higher carbon fees and enjoy a higher GDP.

Economists agree that a carbon tax works to lower emissions and does not hamper economic growth.

There are so many benefits to a low carbon future. I look forward to the U.S. and Canada being on the same page to make significant progress on climate change.

Margaret Holm