LETTER: Support disabled

I am very saddened to see that your city is so “unaccommodating” to your disabled taxpayers.

Kelowna has far more handicapped parking stalls and both Kamloops and Penticton do not charge parking as long as you have a current disabled placard.

Even though I always pay a full year in advance for disabled parking at your city hall – I was still issued in error six tickets: two so far this year.

I’m sure scores of citizens have also been inconvenienced with incorrect ticketing.

Furthermore, this is the only city that prevents you from calling in and disputing your ticket over the phone.

You are told to file a dispute online or go directly to city hall!

One issue is two departments should be fused – your finance department that registers my yearly parking as paid should be part of the bylaw office.

Many disabled people are not able to afford wifi and/or computers, and have no ability to solve their issues via a telephone call – this is ludicrous!

I am surprised that the Downtown Vernon Association has not cried foul for the outdated parking meters.

Modern meters permit you to load up your parking meter anywhere in the city.

Support your disabled, support your downtown and give better service to your citizens!

Linda Albert