LETTER: Thank you Vernon snow angels

LETTER: Thank you Vernon snow angels

Residents caught shovelling Greater Vernon Athletics Park track praised

To the editor:

Winter conditions in Vernon can make it difficult for many in our community to stay active.

Those of us who run or walk outdoors for exercise or leisure can struggle between the months of December and March to find a safe place outdoors to “keep moving.”

The quest to find a bare and safe piece of road, trail or track is ongoing this time of year.

So it was much to my surprise and excitement to see someone shoveling the inside lanes of the track at the Greater Vernon Athletics Park as I was driving home to Vernon from Kelowna recently.

I stopped to introduce myself to the person doing this back-breaking work, and to thank him on behalf of myself, my running friends and those who like to walk.

He said that he isn’t an employee and he isn’t with a company or a group. He’s just someone from Vernon that likes to come out and “bless others so that they have a safe place to be active.”

Since discovering this person’s generosity, I have benefited regularly by being able to run and train for up-coming races at the track — even when there’s snow!

To the person(s) regularly clearing lane one at the track: I know that I am not the only one who is very grateful for what you’re doing.

Thank you.

Jared Penner