LETTER: The change within

In response to some recent letters to the editor, I would like to add to the conversation by commending the Canadian Federation of University Women Sue Young and Richard Pearson, as well as Danielle Toplov and others, for sharing their thoughts and ideas for the betterment of our community.

Strengthening and deepening our relationships is truly needed.

It is very appropriate for us to not just speak the words but to also align our actions “close to home.”

Even closer to home would be for each and every one of us to look within ourselves to begin a life-long journey of striving to erase all the different types of prejudices that we all have.

In the future, when humanity as a whole sees the earth as one country and humankind as one family; all of us truly connected as the children of one loving Creator, honouring our diversity, and always working towards unity, then we will have achieved world peace!

Eva Strom