LETTER: TV diet works for Vernon man

Trump’s behaviour on TV enough to make someone sick, says reader

A few months ago my family doctor suggested I should lose some weight.

Reluctantly I started trying to cut back on some of those highly processed foods that conniving industrial chemists make tasty and addictive.

Suddenly the tantalizing aroma of frying bacon and the salty-sweet taste of granola bars no longer had any appeal.

When I lost 15 pounds, I applauded myself for my dietary disciple.

This self-congratulatory euphoria ended abruptly when I realized my stomach became upset whenever I watched TV news.

It took me a couple more days before I identified the cause. Seeing, or hearing, Donald Trump makes me sick to my stomach. His despicable, self-absorbed behaviour must make most Canadians feel like throwing up.

Lloyd Atkins,