LETTER: Unvaxed put surgical patients at risk

Reader says he’s tired of hearing about unvaccinated folk taking up hospital beds

We have been hearing a lot lately from whiners that they don’t want to be vaccinated.

Take note that a large portion of hospital beds for COVID-19 are taken up by unvaccinated people.

To be vaccinated is against their rights and freedoms (what happened to responsibilities).

Tell that to the patients that have been pushed out of their scheduled vital surgery and treatments, just like the cuckoo bird does to the other nestlings.

I heard of one very worried patient that had his heart surgery postponed to make room for the unvaccinated (cuckoos). I wonder how many patients die because of surgery delays, not that the unvaccinated cuckoos could care.

Last note: Isn’t it not being allowed to smoke in a non-smoking area against the “Cuckoo’s” rights and freedoms?

Arthur Cayford