A dust advisory has been issued in Vernon March 9, 2021. (Jennifer Smith - Morning Star)

LETTER: Vernon dust problem easy to solve

Morning Star reader says changing the grit is key

Since writing to the Morning Star regarding the fine dust that permeates our city, in spite of an initial denial by a reader, I have seen several other letters and articles in the newspaper on this subject, including health warnings issued by Interior Health.

I disagree with the claim it is an unwinnable war as the solution would seem to be quite simple – change the source of the grit being applied so that it does not contain the fine dust that comes from fine river bottom silt washed down from the Monashees over thousands of years. We are, after all, according to a guy called J.P. Sarte, supposed to be living in the Age of Reason.

One thing for sure – trying to sweep up the very fine dust without a vacuum truck is a waste of time.

Brian Sutch