Letter: We live in interesting times

To the editor:

Hard to believe the leader of the free world has taken us from bone spurs, to bunker inspections and 20,000 other lies in between.

Alternative facts have become a convenient escape route, and fake news for the most part are things he has blurted out, then denied, even though all are pretty well documented on video.

It does make one wonder who really helped him get to a place where he can convince people that what they see is not really there. Or, they should disregard anything, unless it is said by him, or until he changes his mind.

He is surrounded by senators and appointees terrified of losing their place at the trough by questioning anything he says. Anyone who has spoken up has been ‘thrown under the bus,’ or become the target of unhinged, midnight tweets.

We’ve become used to his continual need for praise, as is shown daily by his sidekick, VP Mike Pence, who takes on the role of a smiling bobble head at the whim of ‘the chosen one.’ With point men like Sean Insanity, and Rush to Judgment Limbaugh, it has all the makings of a made for TV comedy of errors.

As a Canadian, and proud of it, how easy it is to just shake your head and turn away, but sadly what we are hearing and seeing is really happening.

The decisions being made without any knowledge, or listening to the advice of professionals, is dragging that country closer to the abyss.

Allies who have always looked up to the United States are confused and very concerned, feeling if they don’t give in to his every whim, no matter how misguided, they could be left on their own to militarily and economically fend for themselves in this unstable environment.

Our adversaries on the other hand, like playing a cheap fiddle, know exactly how to keep this president in line.

A little praise goes a long way.

While here at home he continues the ‘us against them’ scenario, and spreading conspiracy theories that are gobbled up by his base as hard, cold facts.

With all that has happened in the past month with the murder of George Floyd, we appear to have reached a tipping point in history.

It will serve future generations well if we keep up the momentum and actually eradicate racism, and not just pay lip service to it as we have in the past.

It’s a huge problem that’s definitely not a slam dunk.

It’s going to take all of us to get on board, as the problem is as large and potentially as devastating as global warming.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold come teh U.S. election in November.

One thing’s for sure: We live in interesting times.

Lawrence Ricketts