Sex rocks trust in Vernon fire department

Sex rocks trust in Vernon fire department

LETTER: Firefighters are to save lives, not ‘scratch’ itches

Dear Editor,

Sex and the fireman: Into the fire hall, someone yelling help me, help me, my baby isn’t breathing.

A voice says “I’ll be out as soon as I put my nickers back on.”

Would the arbitration board be that lax, if it was a member of their family, and dies?

Then what?

Part of my tax dollar pays their salary.

Does this mean we are supporting prostitution too. Or is this classed as a benefit. Didn’t see it in the last union contract, probably in the subsection of scratch and itch.

Firemen get a fair wage, get a motel. But seriously, firemen are classed as a cut above, as they should be. That’s their job. Children look up to them, and we know how important they are to the community. Not to teach them sex in the work place is okay, well it’s not.

Thank you for your time.

— Rose Pollock, Vernon