Standing up for climate good for economy

Standing up for climate good for economy

Natural disasters caused by global warming more expensive than prevention tactics

This letter is a response to a letter to the letter written by Charles Willis. Mr. Willis said taking action to mitigate climate change will harm the economy.

Some new studies have indicated the opposite, that the economy will be greatly stimulated by developing solutions to mitigate climate change. The Green New Deal, a massive transformation to move from fossil fuels to 100 per cent clean renewable energy will create millions of good, high-wage jobs and ensure prosperity and economic security for all people, according to the report. Not taking action to mitigate global warming will harm the economy.

In 2017, losses in the world from climate disasters amounted to $340 billion, according to the International Association of Insurance Supervisors. Eighty-three per cent of that was in North America.

Charles Willis is right about his information about billions of years of climate changes, but what is different is that it took thousands of years for Mother Nature to make the planet one degree warmer.

The anthropogenic (manmade) change, on the planet of one degree happened in just a few decades. Climate scientists have explained that people who refer to the natural cycle of climate change can never identify exactly which natural cycle can explain the current​ warming.

Humans are now emitting 30 billion tons of CO2 per year. We can sequester some of that CO2 by planting lots of trees, regenerative soil management and some new sequestration technologies, but reducing emissions is most important.

Let’s save the planet and help the economy at the same time.

Terry Dyck, Vernon